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neck pain back strain

How to Avoid Neck Pain

We’ve all complained of a ‘stiff neck’ at some point. Whether…
sleeping position neck pain

How your Sleeping Position Affects your Body

Getting enough sleep is essential for your health – but did…
back clicking

Is it Dangerous to Crack your own Back? (Or get Somebody Else to?)

We often get asked whether cracking your back at home is bad…
canary wharf skyscraper

Top Reasons Working in Canary Wharf can be Stressful

Working in Canary Wharf or other areas of central London is often…
back adjustment at chiropractors

The Science Behind the ‘Pop’ in Chiropractic Adjustments

When a chiropractor performs manual therapy on someone with back…
man stretching his back doing exercise at beach

Why Exercise is Vital for a Healthy Back

Staying active and taking part in regular exercise is crucial…