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Best Ways to Correct your Posture

All of us are guilty of neglecting our posture and holding positions which are bad for our backs. Whether it’s slumping over a computer or tablet, or walking with too many heavy bags, we should be taking an active role in trying to correct our posture. Sitting, standing or lying in a bad posture on a regular basis can cause long term problems, especially as you age.

If you know that you don’t always sit up straight or properly look after your back, then it’s never too late to try and correct your posture. Maintaining a good posture has many benefits for the body and mind. It keeps all of your bones and joints in correct alignment, which ensures certain muscles are not put under too much pressure. The risks of poor posture include ongoing neck and back pain which can also affect the hips and knees.

Follow these top tips from our qualified chiropractors to try and correct your posture and avoid discomfort.

Image of bad bag carrying postureCarry weight evenly

If you carry a handbag or a briefcase most days, then you could be jeopardising your posture. Constantly carrying a weight on one side of the body and pull certain muscles and joints out of alignment without even realising it. Aim to carry all weight evenly, for instance with a rucksack which equals the weight over both shoulders.

Change your position

Today’s sedentary careers and lifestyles are thought to be to blame for the global epidemic in back pain. Our bodies were not designed to sit still for long period of time, so if you sit behind a desk all day make sure to change your position regularly. Try and get up every twenty minutes and have a walk around to work your muscles, and stretch out when needed.

Take care of your neck

Pain in your neck can throw your whole body off balance, and it is usually caused by repetitive actions. Continually looking down at a smartphone is bad for your neck and because everyone does this regularly, it is hard to persuade people to forget about their phones. Another bad posture deed is holding a phone between your ear and shoulder, so try not to cradle a handset.

Postural correction

If you really want to take steps to improve your posture, and in turn improve your health and wellbeing, you can visit a chiropractor for a postural assessment and correction. A back specialists, chiropractors can evaluate a person’s posture and identify what is out of balance before recommending any treatment. Patients will understand what causes poor posture and learn the best ways to stand and sit.

Everyone is guilty of poor posture sometimes, so why not correct the problem before it turns into a long term issue?

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