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Daily Tasks Which Damage your Back

Every day we all complete tasks which have the potential to cause long term harm to our backs. You probably think that you know most of the things which could damage your back – heavy lifting, sitting in the wrong position, sitting or lying down for too long. However, you’ll probably be surprised to know that there are many other normal tasks which we do daily, without a thought, which could also play a part in back pain.

Read on for a list of some everyday activities and tasks which could damage your back or contribute to back and neck issues.

Sleepingimage of shopping bags

Yes, we all need to sleep – but it’s essential we sleep in the right position. We’re supposed to sleep for around eight hours a night, which is a significant amount of time when you add it up. If you sleep in a position which puts pressure on your lower back, then this could result in stiffness or back pain while you’re awake. It’s better to sleep on your back rather than on your stomach, and you can also use pillows under your knees or lower back to achieve a better position.

Cleaning and Chores

We all need to keep our homes clean, but at what cost to our health? Think about the strain housework puts on your back – bending over to hoover and mop or carrying heavy loads of laundry. Repeatedly doing these chores day in day out could have a negative effect on your back health.

Carrying Bags

image of needles in someones knee Carrying a bag is something most of us do at least once a day, whether it’s a backpack or a grocery bag. Carrying heavy bags can put extreme pressure on the back and mess up your alignment if you carry them in a poor position or the weight is uneven. Try not to carry bags for long distances, or share the load with a partner.


Driving for long periods of time can be a back destroyer, so if you have a long commute or get stuck in traffic to and from work, this could be the cause of your back pain. Hunching over a steering wheel every day for an hour or two can cause serious problems, so always try and reduce the time spent driving. Try and sit as close to the steering wheel as possible and sit up straight when driving.

Do you find yourself having to complete these tasks often? If you think you’re suffering from back pain due to your lifestyle then contact your local chiropractor.

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