Treating your Neck Pain

Neck pain can be intense, debilitating and persistent, and some people suffer repeated episodes. It can be felt in one or both sides of the neck and refer to the base of the skull and into the shoulders.

It can be a sharp or dull pain, or feel achy, and can spread as far as the arm and hand, even as far as the fingers.

If the pain does not go after a few days, or starts to get worse, it is worth seeking professional advice from one of our chiropractors to see whether some treatment would be appropriate.

At Canary Wharf Chiropractic we have many years of experience of effective neck pain treatment, which is very common condition amongst the people who work in the area.

Neck Pain

How We Can Help

Before starting your treatment, a full assessment will be carried out at your initial appointment. Your assessment will provide key information in determining what can be achieved through treatment with one of our chiropractors and which techniques to utilise.

There are many ways a neck problem can be treated and each person will require a tailored treatment plan. This plan will be formed in discussion with you so you know your options and are able to choose how you want to make progress.

You may have had success with a type of treatment in the past and it might be possible to incorporate that into your new plan of action.

Our chiropractors often use hands-on techniques such as mobilisation and manipulation (also called adjustments) to improve how a neck moves and to decrease pain levels.

It might be important to loosen tight muscles around the neck and in the shoulders and this can be done with various muscle treatment techniques including massage.

Some people respond well to the acupuncture techniques we do. They can produce quick results and, if you have never had acupuncture before, you might be surprised at how painless the treatment is.

Whatever treatment you choose you will always be advised how you can help yourself get better in between sessions. This will include advice on whether you should use a hot or a cold pack, what stretches and exercises you should do, and what you should avoid doing.

People experience neck pain for all sorts of reasons. It might be the way you sit or stand, or because your work or lifestyle places stress on your neck. Worry or stress can cause tension in the neck and shoulders, and can delay recovery of existing neck pain. However, sometimes there is often no obvious reason why neck pain develops, although you could say that it is usually a combination of reasons.

Although it can be very painful, neck pain rarely has a serious underlying cause. Seeing one of our chiropractors, who are experienced in diagnosing conditions of the neck and spine, can help with your neck pain treatment, and also identify if a referral or specialist investigation is needed.