Improve your Posture

Poor posture is something everybody is prone to slipping into. Perhaps just once in a while, but perhaps for long periods every day. Modern lifestyle these days can take a lot of the blame.

You only have to look around when out in public to see how many people are bending their necks down as they become absorbed by their smartphone, hunching their spine in the process.

Working at a desk is even worse as this may involve sitting in the same position for hours on end.

Our chiropractors at Canary Wharf Chiropractic have a keen eye for assessing your posture and a wealth of knowledge and experience in knowing what it takes to correct. By analysing the way you stand and sit they will be able to tell you what changes you need to make and what treatment needs to be done to help those changes take place for postural correction.

an image of a woman with back pain, postural correction

Treatment for Poor Posture

Even if you sit in the correct position this does not give you immunity from developing poor posture. Weeks, months and years of being immobile for large parts of the day means that muscles can become tight and shortened, which can lead to an altered and improper posture when you stand up.

Making an improvement to your posture can be done immediately once you know how you should stand and sit, where your head should be and how your pelvis should sit, amongst many other factors.

We will also determine the reason for your poor posture in the first place and seek to reduce the effect that has. This might mean sitting more upright, having your work station set up properly, getting up to walk around more frequently or using a handheld device less.

It is also important to understand that the pain, stiffness or discomfort you feel as a result of poor posture can be relieved very quickly with the right combination of treatment and advice. You do not need to have a perfect posture to feel fine! (But it does help.)

We are experts at treating posture-related problems such as tight muscles in your shoulders and stiffness in your back or neck with various treatment techniques. Each case is individual and so the combination of treatment is unique every time. We will discuss with you what we think is the best solution and work with you to make progress quickly and to achieve an enduring solution with postural correction.