Your first visit to Canary Wharf Chiropractic

Your first visit to Canary Wharf Chiropractic will involve an assessment with one of our chiropractors. It is important to us to be thorough and you will be asked for information about your current condition and also about your medical history and general health.

This will help us establish an overall picture and determine whether we might be able to help you at this initial stage.

After this consultation we will carry out a physical examination consisting of a range of tests to analyse posture and range of movement and to check for the source of your symptoms. We will also do specific orthopaedic and neurological tests that might identify a certain condition or type of problem, but they are also done to rule things out.

Occasionally a further investigation, such as an X-ray or MRI scan, may be required. This can be arranged very quickly and easily.

Simply put, at this stage, you will then be told what the problem is, how it can be resolved and how long it will take. If appropriate, treatment can then be started straight away.

What To Expect During Chiropractic Treatment

In reality though you will be given a proper explanation of what is wrong in a way that makes sense and the different treatment techniques that can be used to make things better. A care plan, including number and frequency of visits, will be outlined. You will also be told what you can do to help the process, such as exercise or lifestyle changes, so you can get back to normal more quickly.

You will of course be able to ask questions about what is involved and you will be able to choose the type of treatment that is carried out.

Once you are happy to proceed you will be asked to give your written consent to treatment, which can be carried out there and then. The whole process from start to finish takes up to one hour.

How many sessions of treatment you will need will depend on what the problem is, how bad it is, how long you have had it and how much improvement you want to achieve.

A session or two might be enough to make a big enough difference to you, although this may only provide a short-term fix. Three or four sessions usually provides a better solution in very straightforward cases, but you could find that 10 to 12 sessions is recommended if the problem is predicted to be stubborn to alleviate.

But you could say, on average for our clients, five or six sessions are usually carried out. However, how many sessions you actually have is always up to you! You can stop treatment whenever you like and you will never be asked to commit to a minimum number. All we will do is make recommendations.

Please know that we will be upfront with you if we are unable to help and you will be referred to the appropriate health professional such as your GP or a specialist.

Although such referrals are uncommon we are always on the lookout for problems that we cannot treat. Chiropractors are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of such problems and no case is ever assumed to be straightforward until it is concluded otherwise.

All details of your first and subsequent visits will be kept as part of your clinical notes. These are strictly confidential and nobody will be allowed to see your records without your permission but you will always be entitled to copies.